[Course] Industrial analysis: clusters, competitiveness and connectivity

Raise awareness to the importance of the differences between industries in the contemporary economy, understand industrial developments leading to the formation of new markets, aspects related to business connectivity and the social structure of industries. Also, understand how differences between industries affect the competitiveness and behavior of firms, their performance and their strategy of entering foreign markets.

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Course objectives

Course plan

1. Competitiveness: overview of industries and classifications

International and technological context (the 4IR).

2. International Industrial Comparative Analysis and Global MNE Strategies

What is an industrial analysis?

3. The connectivity concept: inter-enterprise networks within industry and cluster development

The concept of connectivity, subsidiaries and inter-company networks.

4. Industrial clusters: prospects for economic development and innovation

Value chains, connectivity and geographic gravity (clusters).

5. Value chains, networks and internationalization of industrial clusters

The concept of competitiveness in industrial analysis = an analysis focused on institutional aspects (the quality of institutions, the Triple-Helix).



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