about coding stuff for education


I coded a software in the midst 1990s called Anafin for financial analysis. Basically, it is was aimed at doing portfolio optimization. I was inspired by this experience when I worked on the early design of bizformi (the Internet venture of the then European radio station BFM). I then started my online experience with a then startup Bestformation in Paris, back in the late 1990s, where they asked me to design an asynchronous course on the impac of the euro inception on firms.


Then, I designed the Chips War Game at Middlebury College (USA) in the early 2000s.

And now, it is time for www.quantumsimulations.app

Quantum Simulations video

You can also find information here on maclasseenligne.org and humanitésnumériques.org as proofs of concepts for potential responses to the education challenges in Covid times through open source.

Post-scriptum: You can see that on the top-right corner you can find a little camera. It corresponds to our own video-conferencing system, open-source!