Institutional development

my institutional development activities


  • [HEC Montreal] Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School: Integration in the HBS-ISC MOC network. Representative at HEC Montreal of the Microeconomics of Competitiveness network of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness of Harvard Business School (HBS) directed by Michael Porter (HEC Montreal the first Canadian university to join this network).

  • [U. of Montreal] Observatory of the Economic Francophonie (Ofé) (2016-2018): co-researcher with professor Marcel Boyer of a proposition about the Observatoire de la francophonie économique. The Economic Strategy for La Francophonie, endorsed at the Dakar Summit in November 2014, recommended setting up an observatory which would be a fully-fledged structure and which would bring together a network of experts and university experts distributed throughout the French-speaking world. For further information, see Ofé, Le Devoir and UdM.

  • [U. of Montreal] Declaration of Montreal Participated in the Forum on Socially Responsible Development of Artificial Intelligence (analysis of unstructured data from Twitter regarding artificial intelligence). The tweets were also collected and analyzed live during the two days of the conferences.

  • [Polytechnique Montreal] Global Management and Technology GMT: at the initiative of creation the GMT Lab at Polytechnique Montreal, bridging and leveraging the different research fields of the colleagues.

  • [CIRANO] Mondo International Data Platform (2011-): International data platform. It is a cutting-edge computing platform dedicated to Data Science for evidence-based decisions. Mondo has been used in multiple instances (see OFÉ, in courses, in reports, QG100, MEI, etc.). For further information, see

  • [CIRANO] Social Data Science Lab (2013-2018): created this initiative at CIRANO to promote open science among researchers and students. HEC Montreal and Polytechnique students (Bsc, Msc) were having access to a reserved space with a direct access to my technological platform in order to work on their supervised or research projects. It served as a research accelerator and introduced students to (1) Data Science, (2) working on a technological platform instead of the usual software suites, and (3) familiarize them with the open science principles. Mostly designed for research purposes, it was a form of experiential learning for the students.

  • [CIRANO] International Affairs Vice-Presidency (2011-2016): founder of the vice-presidency, the scope and the objectives. I created a new vice-presidency at the Center interuniversitaire de recherche en analyze des organizations (CIRANO) in order to structure research in international affairs. I created the Strategy and International Economics group from scratch. This group enabled CIRANO to federate researchers in these themes from all the universities of Quebec but also from several universities in the United States and in Europe. This group has evolved into a big “Global Affairs” theme.

  • SKEMA Global Lab in Augmented Intelligence (2018-2020): founder of the project. For further information see and

  • ZBW (Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, 2015-) Member of the international advisory board, in the open science initiative. The ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics is the world’s largest research infrastructure for economic literature. I supported HEC Montreal’s candidacy with success to be a member of the international advisory board. For further information, see ZBW - German National Library of Economics

  • International Trade and Finance Association seminars (2020-): organizer of the monthly research seminar.

  • American Economic Association Annual Meeting: organization on behalf of the International Trade and Finance Association and HEC Montreal, of yearly sessions,

    • “Text-As-Data and Natural Language Processing: Applications in International Trade and Finance” (session organizer), American Economic Association Annual Meeting, Virtual Annual Meeting, January 7-9, 2022 here
    • “New Frontiers in Migration Issues: A Data Science Perspective” (session organizer), American Economic Association Annual Meeting, Virtual Annual Meeting, January 3-5, 2021 here
    • “Data Science and AI: The Next Frontier for Evidence-Based Policy-Making” (session organizer), American Economic Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, USA, January 3-5, 2020 here
    • “Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Economics at the Crossroads” (session organizer), American Economic Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, USA, January 3-6, 2019 here
    • “European Integration: New Challenges and New Hopes” (session organizer), American Economic Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, USA, January 5-7, 2018 here
    • “Europe’s Struggles: From Cohabitation to Consolidation… or the Other Way Around” (session organizer), American Economic Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA, January 7-8, 2017 here
    • “The European Union’s New Institutions: Political Economy and Economic Perspectives” (session organizer), American Economic Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA, January 3-5, 2016 here


  • [HEC Montréal] Initiative for an annual “e-sport” student competition (2021-) (24 hours during a weekend) based on a serious managerial game, in development with the competitions office at HEC Montreal.

  • [HEC Montréal] Campus Abroad: Academic Director (2022-)

  • [HEC Montréal] Advanced Analytics Program Project here

  • [HEC Montréal] Committee on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) member (2021-)

  • [HEC Montréal] COPHI Committee member (2021-)

  • [HEC Montréal] International Business Msc. student recruitment committee (2021-) Fun project: Design of a predictive performance analysis based on machine learning for the student selection

  • [HEC Montréal] International Business Department faculty recruiting committee member (2015-2016, 2017-2018)

  • [ISTEAH - Haïti] Economie Industrielle course taught in the ISTEAH initiative (summer 2021). See here for more information

  • [HEC Montreal] Professorship in pedagogical innovations (2017-): Technological shift in my teaching in recent years to introduce data science into my classes. I wanted to integrate the new procedures based on the use of algorithms. I needed to provide students with data that otherwise would have been extremely difficult to obtain industrially and across the world. I also needed to provide them with a way to analyze this data without having to install complicated software and learn complicated code. So I adapted the technological platform that I had started in order to allow students to quickly use the algorithms already coded for them. I also needed a website that could bring together all these tools. It became the Dr. HECtoR site. It is also a chance to promote a simplified version by me of the R language at HEC Montreal applied to questions of international affairs.

  • [HEC Montreal] Learning Expeditions LEAD (2018): experiential learning on Data Science. Establishment of the “Learning Expedition in AI and Data Science” Lead Program in AI (in collaboration with Hassan Taghvai and Agnès Darmaillacq).

  • [Polytechnique Montreal] International Projects director (2010-2013): One of my mandates at Polytechnique Montréal was to reorganize the “International Projects” program and to take care of the PolyMonde campuses of the Social sciences and Humanities (SSH) section integrated into the Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering. I took the opportunity to federate the different orientations in SSH of the department and create the research laboratory: Management and Globalization of Technology (GMT) with the support of a grant obtained from SSHRC. Professor Academic Director of PolyMonde (overhaul of the course program based on S-D-C) and of CIPO (engineer without borders).

  • [Polytechnique Montréal] PolyFinances (2011) Creation of the PolyFinances (Finances and Technologies) micro-program in 2011 Creation of the Polytechnique Montréal student investment fund (amount of $50,000): investment in technology companies, responsible finance, systematic management of the fund. Creation of courses: integration of data science applied to the financial industry. For further information, see the Industrial Financial Analysis (IND8122) and Financial Technology Engineers (IND6503) courses. The missions have been in New York City (the Fed’s gold coffers, the NYSE, etc.), in Washington D.C., in Boston, in the Silicon Valley, etc.

  • [Polytechnique Montreal] MBA Technological Innovation and Commercialization (2011-2013): at the initiative of the joint micro-program between Polytechnique Montreal and HEC Montreal. For further information, see and

  • Middlebury College (USA) (2001-2012): Middlebury College is a Liberal Arts College, part of what is commonly known as the Small Ivy League (along with Darmouth College, Williams College, Amherst College). I was a professor in the Department of Economics and director of the programs in International Studies and International Politics & Economics. As such, I revamped the programs and created a couple of on-campus and international initiatives.

  • Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) (California) (2008-2010): on the merger’s academic board to develop the strategic plan for the educational contents merger between Middlebury College and MIIS.


  • [HEC Montreal] [CIRANO] Consultation sur les écarts de niveau de vie (MFQ Juin 2023)

  • [HEC Montreal] [CIRANO] Comité de travail sur « Les impacts de l’IA sur le travail et le marché de l’emploi », une des 6 thématiques de ciblées par la grande réflexion collective sur l’encadrement de l’IA au Québec que mène le Conseil de l’innovation du Québec (juin 2023)

  • [HEC Montreal] (2022-): Représentant de HEC Montréal à la Commission Numérique, Intelligence Artificielle et Cybersécurité du Cercle des Dirigeants d’Entreprises Franco-Québecois (CDEFQ)

  • Analytics Impact Network (2020-): co-founder of this Harvard Business Analytics Program’s network of graduates. For further information, see Analytics Impact Network

  • [HEC Montreal] Data Science Club: founder of the Data Science Club at HEC Montreal, creating the first student cohort. For further information, see Data Science Club

  • [CIRANO] Harvard Club Québec (2014-2016): From 2014 to 2016, a founding member and member of the executive committee of the Forum CIRANO- Harvard Club Québec (set up with Jean René-Halde, BDC and Marc Novakoff, Jarislowsky Fraser Limitée) - Series of conferences between researchers from CIRANO and Harvard professors. For further information, see

  • [CIRANO] Avant-Garde (2015-): iniative aiming at creating a diverse and inclusive cohort of young leaders. Each cohort is trully diverse in multiple dimensions including professional sectors and higher-education degrees (from non to PhD). Avant-Garde @ CIRANO is a series of seminars on a current annual theme aimed at the new generation. The theme relates to an opportunity or an issue for our societies in the 21st century. For further information, see Avant-Garde

  • [CIRANO] The Ambassadors’ Alliance (2013-2015): In 2013, creation of the Alliance des Ambassadeurs (with John Parisella), inspired by some activities at the Chatham House in London. For further information, see the Ambassadors’ Alliance

  • Harvard University Global System: member of the International Board of Advisors (2016-)