Pedagogical Innovations

My Research, Transfer and Valorisation Projects

Data Science

I am a professor because I see education as a mission. To foster education, I am eager to trying a lot of what our technological world is offering to us - even though I often fail!

I have introduced serious games in my teaching starting in 2003 with the Chips War Game at Middlebury College. I have introduced R in my teaching also in the early 2000s at Midd. I have also promoted open source software such as Gretl, Octave and Scilab as substitutes to well-known commercial suites.

I have developed online books, with true interaction. Students can code directly in the online book. Pretty neat as Hans Rosling would say!

The Mondo project was designed to reverse the wy students would interact with data.

My courses are all coded in R and are organized around projects and experiential learning.

My presentations are interactive and user-friendly.

My first experience with online asynchronous courses was in the late 1990s while designing one of the first online courses for an education startup.

With quantum simulations, I design serious games helping students taking ownership of data science techniques.

See my R nano courses here and API tutos here.

Honors and Awards