[Course] International Business Environment: An evidence-based approach

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Course overview

This course provides students with a comprehensive view of the business environment, including social, political, cultural and technological dimensions. The course then integrates the company to discuss the impact of globalization on the company’s international decisions.

This course provides an overview of the environment in which business operates, both locally and globally. The context encompasses the elements and actors that can affect company performance and that a manager must take into account when making decisions. Emphasis will be placed on the societal, political, cultural and technological dimensions of the business environment and also on the impact of globalization on corporate decisions. The perspective of the course is analytical. Participants will be exposed to the complex business environment and will be invited to seek solutions for the company.

Topics covered

Educational Objectives



The course runs from January to April 2021. During this period, students will work on our communication platform as well as our analytical platform.


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This course positions the firm within the global context, allowing students to understand how macroeconomic, industry and country-level factors influence MNE decision-making.

Session 1: Globalization in the 21stcentury and its impact oninternational business here

In this session we look at the general influence of globalization, specifically as it relates to the 21st century. We will also review the course syllabus and discuss the concepts in the case.

Session 2: Macro-level trends in globalization (technology, consumer consumption) and their influence on the MNE here

In this session we look at major trends around the world and how they influence the MNE.

Session 3: Political contexts: institutions and international trade agreements and their influence on the MNE here

In this session, we will look at the political context, generally, across countries, and the institutions and agreements that influence MNE decisions.

Session 4: Political contexts: national politics and their influence on the MNE here

In this class, we will look at the specific case of Brexit, to analyze how national politics impact country-level agreements.

Session 5: Country-level differences and their influence on industries and MNEs here

In this session we look at how distance between countries impacts the competitive dynamics of industries and the way in which MNEs can exploit the differences.

Session 6: The comparative advantage of nations here

In this session, we integrate the ideas from previous sessions and consider how nations vary in terms of their comparative advantages, and study the impact of those variances on MNE decisions.


Before class:

  1. Read this syllabus thoroughly
  2. Bookmark this page: www.lab.nuance-r.com.

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