ArchiTek: The new blueprint for AI

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Moving beyond today’s GPUs, the ArchiTek Intelligence™ Pixel Engine (aIPE) is pioneering a low-cost, high-performance future for AI solutions.

Thierry Warin (HEC Montréal & Cirano (Montréal))

Insights from Hassan Toorabally, CIO of ArchiTek, interviewed by AIN Founding Member, Thierry Warin.

About the company

Architek is a Japanese R&D venture which wants to make AI affordable and mainstream by addressing cost, power, versatility and programming capabilities required by the diversity of AI solutions.

Headquarters Osaka, Japan
Founded in 2011
Founder Shuichi Takada
Number of employees 6

Investment details

Total funding amount ¥980M (~USD 9mn)
Number of investors 6
Lead investor Mirai Creation Fund
Series A of funding (2018) ¥500M
Series B of funding (2020) ¥480M

The Intelligence Engine

“The ArchiTek AiOnIc® processor featuring ArchiTek aIPE offers support for different algorithms by dynamically rebalancing hardware use, combining the advantages of CPUs, GPUs, and dedicated LSIs” said Shuichi Takada, CEO & CTO of ArchiTek.

In March 2021, ArchiTek along with SiFive, Inc., the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP and custom silicon solutions, announced ArchiTek’s first in-house developed AI processor, AiOnIc, featuring the ArchiTek Intelligence® Pixel Engine (aIPE), and SiFive E3-Series RISC-V processor Core IP. The ArchiTek AiOnIc® chip is developed to demonstrate an edge AI concept of processing sensor data in real-time to create meta-data for reduced latency of AI inference processing while offering increased security and privacy.


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