Transfer, Valorisation and Administrative Projects


Research Admnistration

Social Data Science Lab (CIRANO)

Founder and Principal Investigator of the Social Data Science Lab.

A Research Lab at CIRANO dedicated to Social Data Science with two main mission research apply and teaching social data science.

Data Science based on reproducible research principles to answer 20th century questions in a new way, and raise the relevant new questions of the 21st century.

Sharing our research results and outputs to leverage applied research all around the community!

SKEMA Global Lab in Augmented Intelligence

Scientific Director (2019-2020) and Founder of the SKEMA Global Lab in Augmented Intelligence.

The Global Lab is at the crossroads of multiple disciplines, truly multidisciplinary in essence. Present on each campus of SKEMA Business School, and piloted from an R&D center in Montreal (which is a spin-in between Nüance-R and SKEMA B-School). It is a virtual and global research lab on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for Global Transformations.

The Lab acts as an accelerator in Research and in the Digital Transformation of teaching, through the use of a state-of-the-art framework, called Quantum Studio. Thanks to this unique framework, students and professors have access to one of the most powerful analytical tools in higher education institutions. Using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence within the framework, new theories, methods and concepts are developed in order to study globalization, innovation and digital transformation.

An “un-disciplined lab”. Closer to hard sciences, It rely on heavy technologies but It is not entranched in one discipline in particular: It is at the crossroads of multiple disciplines. Truly multidisciplinary in essence.

The research designed in the laboratory cannot be done elsewhere, outside of its dedicated infrastructure. Since it is in the cloud, it is not related per se to a specific location.

Research Support


Nüance-R is a cutting-edge technology platform, the result of more than twenty years of research and development. This platform’s primary goal is to facilitate the processes of research, transfer and valorisation.

All my research and teaching are done from the platform as well as my numerous transfer and valorisation projects.

R Packages

Easily connect to Statistics Canada’s Web Data Service with R. Open economic data (formerly known as CANSIM tables, now identified by Product IDs (PID)) are accessible as a data frame, directly in the user’s R environment.

spiR is an R wrapper to easily access the Social Progress Index database. Published by the Social Progress Imperative, a global non profit based in Washington, DC, the index proposes a new perspective on social challenges and needed efforts to accelerate social progress in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. In this context, the goal of spiR is to allow an easy connection with R to the Social Progress Index in order to benefit from the “power of the crowds.”

Through our R package, people can see the six parameters that composed the global IRI’data on R&D : Country, Year, Company’s name, Industry, Indicator and Compaany’s rank.

EpiBibR stands for “epidemiology-based bibliography for R.” Through this package, a researcher can connect the data to her analysis based on the R language.



I have created PolyFinances, an academic program to bridge engineering and international finance and I have organized three campuses for PolyFinances (two in New York City and one in Washington D.C.). After having joined HEC Montreal, I remain on the board of PolyFinances.

Dr. HECtoR

Meet Hector. Hector is an integrated platform dedicated to data science for international business. Hosted by HEC Montreal, Hector relies on the R programming language. Hence, HECtoR.

This platform is inspired by several projects, such as (CIRANO), the Institute for Quantitative Social Science (Harvard University), the DH Box (CUNY), SageMathCloud or the IBM Data Scientist Workbench (IBM).

It provides access to up-to-date international data as well as the tools to contextualize and interpret them. Through Hector, statistics, econometrics and cartography are combined to tackle research questions regarding globalization, cluster-based policies and international business.

Research replication is the basis of our approach. With the Hector and the R programming language, students, researchers and professionals can visualize data, create maps to understand their studies and do complex econometry on the fly.

Our datasources are multiple in order to answer each question. On the macro level, we collect information for the World Bank, UNIDO or the European Commission. On a meso level, we have gathered a unique database of industrial clusters. On the micro level, we consider each city, each firm and each bit extracted from social media. Hector leverages data science tools to apprehend our data rich environment.

Economic Observatory of la Francophonie (Ofé)

Japan SaaS, a Data Science platform dedicated to Japan’s Competitiveness, Economic Complexity and International Busisness.



BlackFin provides originate monetary and financial economic research, as well as develops real-time data intelligence apps, and publish academic research and insights applied to business in order to support financial institutions and clients.

BlackFin is not as big as the big fish, but it is not shy of outsmarting them in many ways. You don’t have to be big to be smart. Small and Red with a black fin delivers at least as much.

Our mission is to create a better financial future for our clients and institutions by providing nowcasting data science support (reproducible reports, interactive dashboards and apps enriched by machine learning, econometrics and artificial intelligence).

Our goals are to help our clients and institutions become even better thought-provoking investors.

Plateform As a Service (MESI)

A Data Science platform for MESI (Ministère de l’Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation), Investissement Québec, Montréal International and Québec International.

International data platform - Mondo

Mondo is the most cutting-edge and powerful computing platform dedicated to Data Science for International Business.

Mondo gathers over 15 millions of observations related to +750 economic indiactors (macro, meso, micro), 65 industries, 67 industrial clusters, +245 geographical units and multiple global companies.

From this amazing knowledge-base, Mondo gives an access to a weekly newsletter, multiple dynamic economic reports and dashboards, economic forecasting and finally the Mondo’s App Store (multiple finctech, econometrics and more online tools).

With is Data Scientist and Researcher team, Mondo aims to providing relevant now-casting dashboards and analyses to any decision marker (MNEs, Institutions, etc.)


Ed Haïti

Ed’Haïti is a non-profit association. It is first of all a family project. We are all volunteers. We are all essentially teachers. Education is important to us. For the moment, most of the activities are financed by our family. We are well aware that the contribution is very small compared to the needs in Haiti. But we believe that every small step is a step in the right direction.