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spiR: An R Package for the Social Progress Index

Thierry Warin https://www.warin.ca (HEC Montréal & CIRANO (Canada))https://www.hec.ca/en/profs/thierry.warin.html


In 2015, The 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals were adopted. ‘spiR’ is a wrapper of several open datasets published by the Social Progress Imperative (https://www.socialprogress.org/), including the Social Progress Index (a synthetic measure of human development across the world). ‘spiR’‘s goal is to provide data to help policymakers and researchers prioritize actions that accelerate social progress across the world in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Social Progress Index proposes a new perspective on social challenges and needed efforts to accelerate social progress in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. In this context, the goal of ’spiR’ is to allow an easy connection with R to the Social Progress Index in order to benefit from the “power of crowds.” ‘spiR’ is an R wrapper to easily access the Social Progress Index datasets.



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